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Since 1987, a group of like-minded individuals who saw the historic beauty and promise of Covington banded together to form the organization. 

Like many urban cities across the country, Covington had experienced tough times in the latter part of the twentieth century.  Friends of Covington stepped forward to trumpet the city's virtues and help to rekindle its former vibrancy and luster.

Over the years, this organization has kept the faith and is thrilled to be part of a tremendous renaissance.

We #LoveTheCov by...

  • Recognizing people like YOU who make a difference in our city

  • Promoting our local businesses

  • Rewarding our neighbors for beautifying their properties

  • Celebrating the most festive holiday decorations

  • Showing our Covington pride all year long


President: John Niland

Vice President: John Mieling

Secretary: Greg Paeth

Treasurer: Sue Corken

Linda Carter

Megan Clere

Don Mays

Tahli Mays

Jill Morenz

Shane Reuscher

Sandy Rigger

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